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Whether it's for a home or business, preventative maintenance is the key to heading off electrical and data problems before they become expensive. Preventative maintenance provides the ability to identify problems before they happen and coordinate an orderly repair.

Power System Audit

Voltage surges, voltage fluctuations, the lack of backup power availability; all of these effects cause problems for critical systems operating within a home or business. Systems such as computers, point-of-sale equipment, certain machines and other sensitive apparatus must have the voltage systems serving them constant for peak operating performance. Buschur Electric can analyze your power load and make sure your power distribution are at the levels they should be. No matter what the power issues are, Buschur Electric will audit your power system requirements and show you the best way to keep it running and trouble-free.

Alternate Power Supply

By installing a Generator Backup and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) at your home or business, you can ensure that data is protected and the lights, power, and critical systems continue to stay on even when everyone else is in the dark.

Buschur Electric can set up a customized Preventative Maintenance Program that can be performed at convenient hours and during a slower business season.

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